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For a celebration that reflects you.

Wedding Packages

MC/DJ services for wedding receptions are typically 5 hours for $970.

From there you can add accessories such as uplighting, multi-media devices, voiceovers, photo-booth, etc.


Pictured below to the left left is an example of how Johnny’s uplighting can show up in your photo album.

Uplights on the cake cutting at Traditions

Johnny’s uplighting matched the bridesmaids dresses and gave a refreshing splash of color to the cake cutting.

Uplighting by itself is $370 for 16 lights, but if you purchase it with my DJ services I discount it to $270. Additional lights are available if needed (up to 28).

Below is a video to show the different colors available to you if you choose the uplighting.

The uplighting can stay as one color during your reception, and/or it can do various colors and patterns via a wireless computerized connection. The room shown in this video is the Holiday Inn Arena in Binghamton, NY. The video was taken with my cell phone, so the actual colors at your wedding reception would be much more vivid.

DJ Johnny Only's Uplights

Uplights enhance the dance floor at the Terrecotta

DJ Johnny's uplights at the Terrecotta

DJ Johnny’s uplights enhance color theme at the Terrecotta

Elevated Plasma Screen:

A 42 inch plasma screen is available on a stand that goes up to ten foot high. It is priced at $270 alone, but with my DJ services, I discount it to $170.

Below and to the left you can see the Plasma Screen on its stand at The Traditions in Johnson City, NY. You can see a projected monogram on the dance floor in the foreground.

Monogram on Dance-floor & Plasma Screen next to DJ Johnny Only's table.

Projected Monogram on the dance floor with 42″ Plasma Screen on it’s stand next to Johnny Only’s table.

Projected Monogram:

The projected monogram is $270 alone, but with my DJ services, I discount it to $170.

Another view of the monogram is pictured below and to the right with uplights under the wedding cake table and uplighting in the background. We can use any font, letters, an image, or even words when we create your own Projected Monogram.

DJ Johnny Only's Uplighting at Traditions with Monogram on the dance floor

Uplighting at The Traditions with the Bride and Groom’s Monogram on the dance floor.


Bride and Groom voice-over work is $270, but with my DJ services, I discount it to $170

Listen to a couple who chose to personalize their first dance with their own voices.

This is an incredible way to add uniqueness and personalization! Another wedding couple’s first dance voiceover can have a completely different feel.

In this case, fewer words seemed to work better with the song. Listen here for voice-overs only in the beginning, middle(2:20), and end of the song(3:20).

A voice-over I mixed for Michael & Rachel: Note my uplighting in the background and the effect of the couple’s monogram, which I have projected on the dance floor.

Photo booth scrap book guest book

Your guests will love making a photo guest book scrapbook with our photo booth!

Our hottest trend is our photobooth which runs at $895 as a stand alone and $670 as a package with my MC/DJ services. It includes the scrapbook, a helpful attendant, props, and a flashdrive of all the images in high resolution given to the bride and groom at the end of the reception. With questions, please contact me. See more photos of the booth in operation on my blog.

How many guest books have you seen where people write nothing more than their name? Check out the difference a photo guest book/scrap book makes! Your guests will get creative with their notes to you. That is exciting enough, but your guests take home a second photo strip as a personalized wedding favor from you. Add in the fun that takes place inside the booth and you’ve injected a whole new level of excitement into your party!

Additional Sound System

There is a second sound system available for ceremonies, multiple room events, or to fill extremely large areas. If I am setting it up at the same address as my main system, it is $170 for the extra complete system. OR you may only need an extension speaker(s). For just an extension speaker, $70 per speaker.

Personalized Custom Remixes

When requested, I can do custom remixes for the first dance or other special moments. Fees vary according to the amount of remixing required.

Watch a couple below who asked me to create a remix according to their specifications. They started out slow but watch the action at about the 45 second mark. More importantly listen to the reactions from the guests and ask yourself how you want your guests to react at your reception:

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