DJ Johnny's Uplighting
A perfect accent makes the cake pop!

When we come to meet with you to plan our wedding, what should we bring?

I will be asking you these questions. If you’d like, you can print and fill out the pdf version to bring with you, or you can edit a digital version of the same questions. This is a .doc version and this is an .rtf version.

How many songs do you carry?

Close to 300,000 on harddrives, and in addition to that, with a cell phone signal, I can download and play any one of the trillion songs on the internet within about 3 minutes from taking the request.

What kind of music do you play?

1) I take requests from you.

2) I take requests from your guests (unless you don’t want me to)

3) I follow the mood on the dance-floor

What kind of payments do you accept?

I accept personal checks, credit cards online, PayPal, Venmo, and cash.

How much of a deposit do you take?

A deposit to hold the date is 25% of the total. The deposit is non-refundable.

When is the final payment due?

1) If paying by personal check, in time enough for it to clear. Usually two weeks is good.
2) If paying by credit card on paypal.com, in time for that to process. Usually 24 hours is good.
3) If paying by cash, you can pay me at the beginning of the event.

How much room do you need to set up?

I usually work from a rectangular table supplied by the restaurant. That usually defines the space I need. I’ll need enough room around it to place my speaker stands and an accessory stand or two beside it. If you are having the photo booth, the booth itself takes up 4 x 5 feet but also requires a rectangular table next to it to hold the dress-up props and to give your guests a surface to sign the photo/scrapbook/guestbook that comes with it.

Can we give you a play list?

Yes, but please prioritize it. For example: Highlighted or with a star means definitely play while the other songs are examples of songs you like to be played if they fit in. Also, if you want the song played for a dedication, special group or activity, please let me know ahead of time.

What about a DON’T play list?

Yes, I welcome those too.

Do you have all the new songs?

I have most of them already, but the ones I don’t have, I can download on my droid cell phone and play them from there.

Do you have the Explicit lyrics?

Whenever possible, I buy, keep and use only clean/radio edit versions.

Do you bring an assistant?

I bring one if I need to, but you will know ahead of time if I do.

Do you play overtime if we are having too much fun to stop?

Yes, as long as it is okay with the restaurant or hall. My fee to stay overtime is $295 per hour.

Do you have backup equipment if something breaks?

Yes, there is redundancy built into every essential aspect of the sound system. Granted, with the extra accessories, such as the flat screen, projector or photobooth – I don’t bring replacements for those, but, if they break, they don’t stop the party. If the music breaks, the party is broken. That is why there are duplicate components throughout audio system, If something stops working, there is another fully operational component to take over.

Do you charge for setting up, or only for when the music is playing?

Ninety-seven percent of the time, the charge is only when the music is playing. But, if I am forced to take a break in the middle due to some other entertainment or event you have planned, I still get paid for that time. In other words, I do not charge for set-up and tear-down, but I do charge for the time that I have to be there. A good example is if a live musician takes over for a short set; I’m not playing music, but I still have to be there, so that time would be charge-able.

Speaking of which; Do you take breaks?

No, I don’t take breaks. The music and/or sound system does not ordinarily take breaks. I am often invited to eat during dinner, but I keep the music going on auto-play and often eat at my DJ table to make sure all is as it should be. Same with a quick stop to the bathroom. No break in the music. Occasionally there may be short periods of time when my clients ask me to stop the music for a certain activity. But as in the example above, I would still be on the clock.

Can you help me with my golf swing?