Silent Disco Weddings

Binghamton’s premiere Silent Disco DJ service:

Silent Disco, DJ, Binghamton, NY
Binghamton, NY just got much cooler!

Rent my equipment or have me DJ too!
Get ready to have more fun than you can imagine!!

These are the headphones that I offer.

Ever wish each guest could control their own volume of the music at your party?

Ever wish you could have a dance party in your back yard without the cops coming to tell you to turn down the music?

Ever wish there was more than just one option for music at your party?

Ever wish there was music for both the older and younger generation playing simultaneously at your wedding reception?
silent disco wedding reception
Now you can and now there is!

This video SHOWS what Silent Disco looks like at a dance party.

You can rent this silent disco equipment whether or not I am the DJ.

Rental price is discounted when I am your DJ.

Pricing is on a per guest basis because it includes rental of the headsets. (On top of my DJ services, it is a very reasonable $5.00 per guest.) There is also a security deposit which will – of course -be returned to you at the end of your party.

Simply multiply your number of guests by $5.
To give you an idea, for a backyard party of 25 guests: $125
If you are doing a bigger event, say 150 guests: $750
200 guests: 1000
250 guests: 1250
300 guests: 1500

If you are interested, drop me a line and we’ll get you into an early bird discount!

Already have your DJ? Or perhaps you are going to just run a playlist and only need the equipment? I can still help you.

Please see my site for the price of rental only.