How our photo booth helps fill your dance floor.

Binghamton Photo booth fun with DJ Johnny Only

Our photo booth at your wedding reception actually helps people to get up and dance. Let me tell you how.

Wedding Photo Booth
Spontaneous fun!

Your guests get behind that curtain and start laughing! They can’t help themselves! They loosen up and forget their troubles! When was the last time you wanted to dance while feeling grumpy and stressed?

People start dancing AFTER they are relaxed and having fun. The photo booth helps them to do that!

photo booths are romantic
All dressed up and ready to smile!

Photo booths are romantic! Couples get behind the curtain and lean together, snuggle up, and kiss.

What better way to get your man on the dance floor then by sparking a bit of chemistry first?

Binghamton Photo booth fun with DJ Johnny Only

Two identical photo strips print out immediately; one for your photo guest book and one for guests to take home. They make a fantastic wedding favor. They are personalized with your name, wedding date and your guest’s own picture. Unlike many favors that are discarded after a week or two, this is a wedding favor they will treasure, post to facebook, put on their refrigerator, and keep forever.

This helps to fill the dance floor by making them feel closer to you -reminding people that they are here to celebrate your marriage! It makes them want to party with you!

Wedding photo booth guest photo-scrapbook

Johnny Only’s Photo Booth at your wedding reception

I have never seen people laugh harder than they do in our photo booth! People dance more when they are laughing and that makes our photo booth a perfect icebreaker to help get your party going! Includes unlimited sittings, a helpful professional attendant, scrapbook/photo-guestbook supplies, dress up props, customizable text on header and footer of strips, duplicate strips for each sitting and high resolution digital copies of all the images for you (the hosts) at the end.

Newly weds enjoy Johnny Only's wedding photobooth
Newlyweds behind the curtains in Johnny's photo booth.

Photo booth mustache props
Johnny's mustache props for his photo booth are very popular!

DJ wedding photobooth from Johnny Only
You will love your signed photo booth scrapbook guestbook and you will receive all of the high resolution digital images as well.

Photo strip becomes a personalized favor for your guests.
Photo strip becomes a personalized favor for your guests.

two duplicate photo strips print out right away
Two duplicate photo strips print out right away.

The header and footer or your photo strips can be customized.
photo booth attendant helping guest place strip and sign scrapbook
My daughter as photo booth attendant helping guest place strip and sign scrapbook.
dj weddings photobooth props uplights
More photo booth props. More fun!
Scrapbook creativity from your enthusiastic guests!
dj weddings photobooth colorful props
Photo booth props add to the fun.
pointing out props for the photo booth
Photo booth -pictured behind me -comes with optional props to double the fun!