Why You May Want Silent Disco at Your Wedding Reception.

Silent disco works great at weddings too

It is exciting, unique, memorable and more fun:
 Silent Disco is endorsed by Martha Stewart’s Wedding Magazine as a hot, growing and incredibly fun form of reception entertainment. Silent Disco is also listed by Wedding Wire as among the hottest reception trends for 2017.

You want guests to be able to talk more easily:
What is the biggest concern for all guests at all weddings? They are worried the music will be too loud to talk. With Silent Disco they ask, “how can people talk with headphones on?” Then they realize that the headphones can be easily removed for a quick chat in a normal conversational voice. This is much easier than having to yell in order to be heard over the typical sound system at full dance volume.

You want guests to stay longer:
The biggest reasons that guests leave is that the music is too loud for them to talk to each other. With Silent Disco formats, that doesn’t happen. Not only do the headphones have an independent volume control, but the traditional sound system is playing quiet pleasant background music to enhance conversation; -it is never too loud.

Headphones have independent volume controls, three channels & change color to show which one you are listening to.

You want your reception to go later:
Especially if your reception is outdoors or in a location that has noise ordinances requiring the loud music to shut down at a certain time; Now the party can keep going as late as you want it to. Outdoor receptions, barn receptions, and even hotels that rent rooms within earshot of the banquet hall benefit from Silent Disco.

How does Silent Disco work at a wedding reception?
Usually there is a traditional sound system for the cocktail and dinner music as well as for the introductions, announcements, and special dances. The sound system continues to play soft music throughout the reception.
Guests use the headphones when they want to dance.
The headphones have independent volume controls and three different channels which allow three different dance types to play simultaneously. Often, one channel is the Bride’s playlist, the second is the groom’s playlist, and the third is the live DJ taking requests and reading the crowd. The headsets light up in a different color to show which channel guests are listening to. You can literally be dancing with your partner who is listening to a different song. 

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