Wedding Package Prices

Packages and prices are below these two highlight videos showing the results of my work at two different wedding receptions last year…

They were shot by the awesome video team of Trever and Harrison of
DJ Johnny Only Demo

DJ Johnny Only Demo

Silver package $1970.00:
~Five hours of personalized DJ & Master of Ceremonies complete with dance-floor lights.

Gold package $2395.00: 
~Five hours of personalized DJ & Master of Ceremonies complete with dance-floor lights,
+Full room uplighting,
+Projected monogram.
(You save $110 over A la carte prices)

Platinum package $2795.00:
~Five hours of personalized DJ & Master of Ceremonies complete with dance-floor lights,
+First Dance on a Cloud
+Projected Monogram,
+Full room uplighting,
+Elevated flat screen.
(You save $150 over A la carte prices)

“Only You” package:
~I’ll make a custom package just for you! Let’s talk!

Yes, we have a photo booth! We charge $970.00** plus sales tax.

**The photo-booth price is $1270.00 if we are not supplying your DJ services as well.

Click here to see what we offer with the photo-booth. 

When you create your own package and we will give you your quantity-discount from the prices below.

Your first dance on a cloud: $295.00

We are the only DJ service in the area that can do Silent Disco Weddings: Here for pricing

DJ Service:
Mobile DJ and Master of Ceremony (MC) services for wedding receptions are typically for 5 hours.

Your sound system will be top-of-the-line quality with music selections and announcements that are carefully customized and personalized through face-to-face meetings, as well as through email or your choice of virtual media.

Unless there are unusual circumstances, my DJ/MC Services are priced at $1970.

I can provide music and microphones for your ceremony if you need them. Musicians/soloists can plug into our system. Wireless lapel microphones are available for easy and nearly invisible amplification of your vows.

Photo Booth:
My fully-curtained, state-of-the-art & touch-screen photo booth is your most popular wedding enhancement.

Wedding Photo Booth

The hottest trend in weddings is a photo booth. Your guests will love the unlimited sittings and the two identical photo strips that print out immediately. One strip is a personalized wedding favor for them to keep and the other can go in your scrapbook/guest book that we help them with.

Your booth will include a helpful attendant, your prints, your 8.5 X 11 scrapbook, paper, pens, adhesive, dress-up props, and a USB flashdrive of all the images taken at your event in high resolution. Completed book & USB handed to you at the end of your reception.

Photo booth scrap book guest book
We help your guests build photo memories that last forever!

How many guest books have you seen where people write nothing more than their name? With a photo guest book/scrap book, your guests will get creative with their notes to you. That is exciting enough, but add in the fun that takes place inside the booth and you’ve injected a whole new level of excitement into your party!

Wedding DJ Photo Booth
Photo booth strips are customized with your theme color, names and date.

The photo booth is $970.00 plus sales tax when we handle your DJ services.
The photo booth is $1170.00 plus tax if another company handles your DJ services.

More photos of the booth here.


Pricing is $295 for 16 lights if you get them as a package with my DJ services. That is only $18.44 per lighting fixture!

Pictured below to the left left is an example of how uplighting can show up in your photo album.

Uplights on the cake cutting at Traditions
At this wedding, the uplighting matched the bridesmaids dresses and gave a refreshing splash of color to the cake cutting.
Uplighting colors are controlled wirelessly.
Uplighting colors are controlled wirelessly & independently of each other

Additional lights are available if needed (up to 32).

bouquet toss
Uplights can change color to highlight your special moments.

Uplighting in use at the Terra Cotta below:

DJ Johnny's uplights at the Terrecotta
DJ Johnny’s uplights enhance color theme at the Terrecotta
uplighting at Binghamton double tree wedding reception
Uplighting can be used at an angle to fill wall space.

The uplighting can stay as one color during your reception, and/or it can do various colors and patterns via a wireless computerized connection.

The room shown in this video is the Holiday Inn Arena in Binghamton, NY. The video was taken with my cell phone, so the actual colors at your wedding reception would be much more vivid.

Projected Monogram:

Pictured below is a projected monogram on the wall above the head table with uplighting that matches the bridal theme. (Terrace Room in the Owego Treadway)

Wedding Day Monogram with Uplights
This Projected monogram on the wall includes the Bride and Groom’s first name, last initial and wedding date.

Pricing is $170 if purchased with my DJ services.

Get a second projector for a slideshow or for one image on the wall and another on the dancefloor.

Pricing is $50 off for a second one. Get the second one for only $120..

Several monogram examples are pictured below. We can use any font, letters, an image, or even words when we create your own Projected Monogram.

wedding monogram at the Binghamton Club
The bride and groom’s first initials on the outside with a heart in the middle.
projected monogram at a sweet 16 party
Projected Monogram at a Sweet 16 party.
Uplighting at Traditions with Wedding Couple's Monogram on Dancefloor
Uplighting at The Traditions with the Bride and Groom’s Monogram on the dance floor.
Johnny DJ's the Maine Endwell Prom
The M.E. High School Prom had me use their mascot emblem as the projected monogram
wedding monogram, uplighting
Name of the bride and groom with last initial in the middle and their wedding date in small print
Surrounded by a heart. Bride and groom last initial in the middle, first initials smaller and on the outside
Surrounded by a heart. Bride and groom last initial in the middle, first initials smaller and on the outside

Single Elevated Flat Screen:

A 50 inch LED screen is available on a stand that goes up to ten feet high; thus making it visible to everyone in the room.

Pricing is $170 if purchased as a package with my DJ services.

Dual Elevated Flat Screens:

Two 50 inch matching LED Screens on stands up to ten feet high and set at different angles to allow greater visibility for your guests and more flexibility in their placement.

Pay only $120 for the second one.


The screens are high enough so everybody can see them.


Here they are being used in the cocktail area angled away from each other in order to reach both sides of the room.

Dancing Lights at the Owego Treadway
A photo of Johnny’s dancing lights, uplights in the background and flat screen up on a stand.
Monogram on Dance-floor & Plasma Screen next to DJ Johnny Only's table.
Projected Monogram on the dance floor with a flat screen up on it’s stand next to Johnny Only’s table.

Personalized Custom Remixes

When requested, I can do custom remixes for the first dance or other special moments. I have very sophisticated software that allows me to do this seamlessly for no extra charge.

Watch a couple below who asked me to create a remix according to their specifications. They started out slow but watch the action at about the 45 second mark. More importantly listen to the reactions from the guests and ask yourself how you want your guests to react at your reception:


Bride and Groom voice-over work is $270 when purchased alone. You save 100 by getting this as a package with my DJ services, and pay only $170

Listen to a couple who chose to personalize their first dance with their own voices.

This is an incredible way to add uniqueness and personalization! Another wedding couple’s first dance voiceover can have a completely different feel.

In this case, fewer words seemed to work better with the song. Listen here for voice-overs only in the beginning, middle(2:20), and end of the song(3:20).

A voice-over I mixed for Michael & Rachel: Note my uplighting in the background and the effect of the couple’s monogram, which I have projected on the dance floor.

Additional Sound System

There is a second sound system available for ceremonies, multiple room events, or to fill extremely large areas. If I am setting it up at the same address as my main system, it is $225.00 for the extra complete system. OR you may only need an extension speaker(s). For just an extension speaker, $95 per speaker.

What does my announcing voice sound like?

This video clip will give you a pretty good idea.